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Welcome to Sycamore Creative Studio

Here, I offer engaging knit and crochet designs, as well as editing and translation for designers and a blog full of tips and tricks for both makers and designers!


I provide services to designers, publishers, companies and all others who work in the yarn industries to help them provide polished, high quality work to knitters, crocheters and crafters around the world. 

Image by rocknwool
Image by Ksenia Makagonova
Image by Brina Blum

Ready to go pro? 

Have you just written your first knitting pattern but need some help to make sure you're not making any mistakes?


Even if you've been writing patterns for a while, I can help polish your patterns, check them for correctness, ensure consistency and make sure they are easy to follow. 

Want to level up your work?

Do  you want to keep improving your patterns? This could include developing a style sheet to provide your knitters with a consistently enjoyable experience or grading a sweater pattern to make sure knitters of all sizes can make your patterns.

I can also help with creating professional charts and schematics to help your pattern shine, as well as ghost write patterns on your specifications or translate them to reach a wider audience. 

Need help with a big project?

If you are publishing a collection of patterns, a book or a magazine and want your patterns to conform to a high professional standard, match the house style and provide a consistent user experience to your knitters or crocheters, I can help. 

I work with publishers or magazines for a pre-agreed flat fee to provide professional editing by your deadline. 


My name is Sam Winkler

I am a German-British knitwear designer, tech editor, translator, history geek and science lover. I work as a freelance writer and editor in general, and in relation to the fibre arts scene, as a tech editor and translator offering a range of services.

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