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You've got a great idea for your first design! Or maybe you've made something and want to write a pattern for others to recreate your masterpiece. Let's get writing! 

But how do you write a knitting or crochet pattern?


You will have read and followed many patterns yourself, so it shouldn't be that difficult. But reading and writing are two different things. If you are looking for some resources or guides to help you turn your vision into words (and symbols), here is a list of some that I find particularly helpful. 

If you know of any other resources that should be on this list, do get in touch! Or if you are a new designer and are looking for something that just isn't included in any of these, let me know. With time, I'll be adding more of my own resources for new designers too, and I want to make sure they are helpful to as many people as possible. 

Disclaimer: none of these links are affiliate links, I have received no compensation etc and I have nothing to gain from recommending resources by any of these authors. If you are the author of any of these resources and do NOT want them to be linked here, let me know and I will remove them. 

The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns by Kate Atherley

This book is the most recommended and useful resources for new and experienced designers. Published in 2016, it is up-to-date with (relatively) new trends in pattern creation, and, most importantly, covers ALL the basics on how to write down your ideas. From what to include, to how to make sure you presenting everything well, Kate Atherley has you covered. The book also includes templates for starting out! 


Kate Atherley's website

If you are not yet ready to commit to buying a book, check out the other resources on Kate Atherley's page. She has written extensively about the design process, ranging from charts to grading, repeats, introductions, photography and the publication process. Even if you have experience with writing patterns, there will be something useful in these posts. 

Crochet Pattern Writing Workshop by Edie Eckman

Edie Eckman is another very experienced editor and designer sharing her expertise. Her Crochet Pattern Writing course helps designers do everything from developing a style sheet to identifying their audience and avoiding common errors.

How to Say It: Pattern Writing for Knitters by Edie Eckman

In this course about writing knitting patterns, Edie Eckman helps you articulate your ideas in the most effective way, from stitch patterns to sizing. She also includes a style sheet and other templates. The pattern she uses to help illustrate her ideas is also included as part of the course. On Craftsy, you can either subscribe to the whole site or purchase the course as a stand-alone option. 

How to Read and Write a Quality Crochet Pattern by Dora Does

Dora takes you through how to write a crochet pattern that works really well for the person reading it. From the perspective of someone who learnt to crochet from YouTube - as many people have! - the pattern shows you what a written pattern needs to include to provide the same level of information. 

How to Go From Design Idea to Knitting Pattern by Clare Mountain-Manipon (Sister Mountain)

There's several posts about designing and writing patterns on the Sister Mountain blog, but this is the most recent and comprehensive so start here. Clare takes you through the process of going from idea to design, and if you've found her post helpful, there's plenty more in her newsletter and on her blog. Clare also has a useful check list for designers which you can get by signing up for her mailing list. 

Swatch Studio Circle: How to Design Knitwear with Confidence+Creativity by Frenchie of Aroha Knits

Frenchie walks you through designing a garment, allowing room for flexibility and creativity, while at the same time connecting you to a community of like-minded designers and providing support and input herself. 

Creative Yarn Entrepreneur (Podcast)

Once you've got your first pattern(s) going, you'll want to think about how to best get them out there for people to see. Creative Yarn Entrepreneur has all the tips on making your business work, from email marketing to teaching and all the other options out there. 

Design process: yarn support (blog post) by Becky in VT 

Another one for once you have a few patterns under your belt, this post talks you through the process of getting yarn support from indie dyers and brands. 

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