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Professional Services

I specialise in technical editing and other professional services for the knitting and crochet industry. I work with independent designers, as well as yarn companies and craft publishers to support them in publishing high quality patterns. 

I offer each client a bespoke package of services based on their individual needs. Below is a list of the most common services and their details. 

Knitted Scarves

My current rates are £30/h for editing and grading and £0.08/word for translation.  For hourly work, this will be charged in 15min intervals and your final bill will reflect the total amount of time spent. This will not exceed the quote. 

For large blocks of work, I am happy to work for a flat fee upon request. 

The following will give you an idea of prices for various services, however please do get in touch for a free, noncommittal quote for your specific pattern. 

Tech Editing
  • Simple accessory (minimal shaping, basic stitch pattern): 0.5h-3h

  • Complex accessory (multiple sizes, complex shaping, large size, complex lace or cable stitch pattern): 2h-5h

  • Simple garment (9 sizes, basic shaping, very basic stitch pattern): 2.5h-4.5h

  • Complex garment (10 or more sizes, complex shaping, complex stitch or multiple stitch patterns): 3.5h-7h

  • Simple garment (9-12 sizes, basic shaping and stitch pattern): 6-10h

  • Complex garment (9-12 sizes, complex shaping and complex or multiple stitch pattern): 10-16h

  • Additional pattern writing (rather than providing a table of measurements and stitch counts): 1-3h


The translation rate of £0.08 per word (min 350 words) can give you a general idea.  Some techniques are described very differently in different languages which can add time (and words). However, knitting and crochet patterns also use repetitive words and abbreviations which can reduce the price. A custom price based on your pattern is the best way of providing a fair price. 

Other Services
  • Simple chart (small, limited shaping): 1-2h

  • Complex chart (large, shaping): 1.5-2.5h

  • Written instructions to match chart: 0.5-1.5h

  • Schematic: 1-2.5h

  • Blog post (general topics): £0.1/word

  • Blog post (specific topics): £0.12/word

Tech Editing

I provide Copy Editing and Tech Editing services. I am able to copy edit any text, such as the "romance copy", or any other text you require, for your design work, your website or elsewhere. 

Tech Editing involves checking not just your writing, but the details of the pattern, to ensure all the details are correct. As a tech editor, I check your pattern line by line to ensure the best possible pattern. This includes things like counting repeats, checking stitch counts and more. I will also check that your pattern and any charts correctly correspond to each other. 

I have completed the course on Tech Editing by Joeli Kelly, in addition to having many years experience editing in other fields. 



I can help you grade your entire pattern based on your sample knit. If you have your own size standards, we can discuss using those, or I can grade using an existing standard like Ysolda or ASTM body standards. 

From your sample and pattern, I can provide you a completed fully graded pattern. 

I have completed the course on Grading convened by Joeli Kelly and am a confident Excel user. 



I can translate patterns from German to English or from English to German. I am happy to translate any pattern to English, however, I will only translate "small" patterns, like accessories, from English to German at this time. 

For this service, I do require your pattern to have been previously tech edited (not necessarily by myself) and test knitted. Otherwise, the risk of errors being missed in the translated copy is too great. 

I am bilingual in German and English since childhood. Today I have professional fluency in both languages.  I completed my Abitur (high school exams, taken after year 13) in Germany with a grade of 1.0. Since then I have completed a Bachelor's degree in Science and two Masters degrees in English.


Other Services

I am happy to offer other services on an ad-hoc basis. This can include schematics and charts for knitting and crochet patterns, as well as copy-editing of other material and ghost writing for your website or blog. I have also worked with designers to develop style sheets, rework their back catalogue to match their new house style and to ghost write patterns according to their required style. 

I can create schematics in Illustrator or Procreate, depending on your style. for charts, I can use either Stichmastery or Illustrator, depending on the requirements. I have ghost written for multiple craft blogs for several years, as well as editing and written website material for various institutions throughout my career. 

How it works

  1. Get in touch to check availability. I am usually flexible to work to whatever your deadline is, but it is always best to check! 

  2. Send me your document or brief for a quote. Your pattern or brief will remain entirely confidential and this is a totally free, non-committal part of the process. I will also confirm a timeline of when I can return work to you. Quotes over £150 will require a 20% deposit to be paid before I commence work. 

  3. You decide. If you still have questions about the process, feel free to ask them. There is no need to agree to any work until you are fully confident. I am happy to arrange for a Zoom call, or we can discuss by email, whichever you prefer! 

  4. I return the completed work to you. By the deadline you will receive a completed document in the format we agreed on. You now have the chance to look through it without any rush. 

  5. We work on revisions until you are happy and confident. You can get back in touch for any questions you may have, or to request any changes. For tech edits, I will also look through the revised document and check all changes have been made. A reasonable amount of revisions (min 2) are included in the quote but major changes in the design will require a new quote. This will be clearly communicated to you if it is required and you will have the chance to decide whether to proceed. 

  6. I send the invoice. I prefer payment by direct bank transfer where possible, such as for local UK clients. All other clients are invoiced via PayPal. For all invoices, payment time is 30 days unless otherwise specified. 

Any more questions? 

Check the FAQ Page or get in touch below. 

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